Who? what? huh?

See SoCal Homes might be a new name, but we've got a history of real estate photography and videography in San Diego. My name is Jon Upson and I started See SoCal Homes in early 2017 as a way to get away from using my name as my business. Homeowners have enough to remember when they are searching for a great Realtor, and tossing my name into their subconscious memory was just one more thing. So I took my name away and created SEE SOCAL HOMES.

I started photographing homes in 2000 for a single Realtor. Since then, I have photographed over 5,000 homes for hundreds of Realtors. In 2016 I started investing in the education and equipment to properly add video to our service offerings and believe it will be just as integral in marketing a home as photography has become.

As creatives, our #1 rule that we give our creative selves is this: Just because you can, doesn't mean you should. The world is trying to steal your attention, but nothing has proven to market a home better than the tried and true. Expect your real estate photos + video to be carefully crafted to highlight your listing. Let us do the work so you can focus your energy on what you do best!

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