Pixer Pros

Hello everybody! Apologies for the sudden change in the ordering section. I’m hoping to clear up a few questions you may have before you even have them!

So first, what is this? Pixer Pros is a business that my friend Gary and I have made to provide great images for a great price. What becomes helpful here is that we already have photographers working with us who do a great job and I feel comfortable filling in for me when I’m not available.

What is changing? So this is a bit much all at once, but it’ll be great. :) First, instead of ordering by the size of the home, you will be ordering based on how many final images you want. Our team of editors also get paid by the image so it makes sense to do it this way. Second, those pesky slideshows that nobody uses are going away. They are rarely used these days, and are fairly expensive to provide for each photoshoot. We have a new system for property websites that looks amazing and can be purchased as an add-on if you’d like to have it. One last thing is that invoicing and payments will change a little bit. You are no longer required to pay up front, but a valid credit card is required and you will be charged upon delivery of images and video. Invoicing is handled through our scheduling and Stripe, and your receipt should be emailed to you when you are charged.

Those are the biggest changes. We’ve tried to set it up to be seamless form the ordering side. You can still choose me to show up if my availability is there, but know you can trust Gary and Chris (and hopefully more soon) to do a great job!

Please let me know if you have any questions about how this all works. Thanks again for your support in this!

Jon Upson