How Do You Stay Relevant?

Just the other day, I was talking to a Realtor that I shoot for often. He had brought a couple flyers (using my photos) that he had professionally designed and printed. They were the 4 page folded flyers, full color and glossy. I was beyond impressed. I get excited knowing that my photos are used to help Realtors impress their clients! Don't get me wrong, you don't have to produce amazing expensive flyers for all your listings. The variables involved in selling a home can change so much that often times a home will sell before any marketing can even be done. [featured_image]

But this post isn't about selling a home.

This Realtor brought these flyers to teach me something about marketing. The house I was standing at, getting ready to photograph, was a listing he had acquired by sending marketing material to this neighborhood. The sellers were impressed, put the flyers away until they were ready to decide on a Realtor, and called him up. Just like that, he was relevant. This neighborhood knew he would do everything he needed to do to make sure their home looked great to potential buyers.

Ladies and gentleman ... listen up. Impress people! Get in front of them, whether you're on their computer screen, in their mailbox, or handing out cookies on the corner every monday before work. I would prefer you impress them with amazing photos, but I'll just be happy if you're successful in this crazy industry.  Do what you gotta do folks, just do it well!