Interior Design: Kitchen By The Sea

Gorgeous Coastal Kitchen Remodel

1003 1780 Haydn Drive

This flawless kitchen can hardly be called a remodel. The kitchen was demo'd and moved to the other side of the second story and designed from scratch to fit in its new home.

1007 1780 Haydn Drive

Designer, Bonnie, of Signature Designs: Kitchen and Bath is often known for making brave yet tasteful decisions when she is designing her spaces. This is no different. Initially, this space was home to the stairs from the first floor and some doors to a balcony. The balcony on this side of the home faced away from the ocean and had very little appeal, so the doors and stairs were moved this space turned into an open kitchen.

1008 1780 Haydn Drive

The kitchen now faces the ocean for the best view around! Take a look at the rest of the images to get a feel for this tastefully gorgeous space!

1015 1780 Haydn Drive

1011 1780 Haydn Drive

1033 1780 Haydn Drive

1026 1780 Haydn Drive