Tour Statistics: What You Need To Know

If you've ever had me out to shoot a listing for you, you know that with the virtual tour you also get a weekly email with stats on how your virtual tour is doing. This is an awesome feature! It allows you to see how many images are being viewed, and where your leads are coming from. Facebook, twitter, pinterest, wherever you are posting the virtual tour link. There is one downside to this feature. Once you're done marketing the home, you still get emails. THIS IS AN EASY FIX!

Simply log in to your client panel, once there, you'll see all of your tours. Click on the one you want to stop receiving emails about. Then in the top right corner, there is a line of text that says, "Deactivate Tour" ... click that. You'll get this big fat warning, just ignore that. VOILA! You're done!

That was easy. Now go forth and deactivate some tours, then treat yourself to lunch. Any other questions? Don't hesitate to ask!