Welcome to the NEW jonupson.com

Hi there!  Welcome to the new version of JonUpson.com - it's shiny and new, smells great (for now) and isn't completely useless like my last site. [featured_image]

Remember that old site right there?  It was ok, it got the job done.  On July 23rd, there was a catastrophic server error that brought my site down.  It forced me to rebuild while being off the grid for 4 days.  If you tried to schedule a tour in that time, you have my sincerest apologies.  I know that time is of the essence when it comes to getting a home photographed and on the market.  Here's to a long time (hopefully) without another crash or any down time! While you're here, look around.  Things aren't finished yet, so you may hit some walls.  Just get to know the site.  I plan on offering tips to help you grow your business and be successful, incentives, deals on photoshoots, and just a better experience all around.  I'm not here for me, I'm here for you.  So let me know how I can help YOUR business thrive.

Thanks again for hanging around while I get this new site put together!  Let me highlight a few things that should be of interest to you while I've got you here:

  • Virtual Tours are easier than ever to order.  I've saved you some clicks from the last website, and the order form is FINALLY integrated in my site.
  • There's a blog!  Don't act so surprised, you're already there.  I'm going to use this space to share tips, listings, deals on photography and other cool stuff.  Check back here every now and then.
  • More visuals (still to come, while I build the site) - so you can see what you're getting, know what to expect, etc.

You're awesome.  Share my site with your favorite Realtors (only the nice ones), Interior Designers, Architects, etc.  I love what I do, and LOVE making you look good.  So let me know how I can help you improve your marketing.

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