Real Estate Photos & Video in San Diego

Let us help you wow your clients with great images and video for your next listing

Thanks for giving us a look! We are super passionate about creating amazing images of your listings, so that you can be the hero to your clients! We aim to make images that look natural and realistic, while properly lighting and highlighting the features that a buyer would look for in a home. Take a look at our most recent images on instagram (above) to see actual homes we have recently photographed, and let us know if you have any questions! Thanks!


Photography appointments include approximately 25 well-lighted images, 3 image sizes for easy download, virtual tour and viewing statistics. First impressions are EVERYTHING and professional photos have the best ROI for most homes.


Video is the most informative way to display the actual space and feel inside of a home. Using gimbals, sliders and aerial footage, you can rest easy knowing that your prospective buyers will get the best, most in-depth look at your listing!

Photo + Video

When you really want to stand out, go this route. Get photos for the MLS, flyers & advertising ... but also include video for Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc.  Don't undersell a home that deserves a little extra attention.



“Over 50% of buyers under the age of 51 found their homes online.”

-National Association of REALTORS®

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“93% of businesses reported gaining a new customer as a direct result of a video posted on social media” -animoto

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Frequently Asked Questions

What's a typical photoshoot look like?

We typically arrive 5 minutes early to every shoot. If we are only doing photography, feel free to hang out and chat, or hang with your clients in another room. If we are doing video, it's best that your clients are not home. Grab them some movie tickets or a gift card and send them on their way. They may be excited to see the process but they will most likely just be in the way. Appointments can last anywhere from 30 minutes to a few hours, depending on what you've ordered.

How Do I Prepare For Our Appointment?

Plan on getting some work done before we arrive. Have the home camera-ready ... clutter shows up in photos. Sometimes a home already looks awesome, that's great! If not, you can consult with a professional stager. If you don't know of any professional stagers, let us know and we can put you in contact with one. Additionally, have the driveway clear of cars before our arrival and make sure everything looks exactly how you want it to look.


Got a question?

Head over to the contact page and send us a message. We'll be more than happy to answer any questions you may have! 


Delivery Expectations

Our goal is to always provide images by 5:00pm the next business day. If things are going our way, expect them sooner! Completed videos can often take up to 48 hours to produce. Please plan accordingly. In a perfect world, give yourself 3 full business days between signing the listing agreement and going live. From our experience, it's better to be prepared than to hurry onto the market.


The photos and video are provided to you based on a limited license. This should be plenty for 99.9% of all appointments. Licenses are granted for the life of the listing (from signing the listing agreement to the home being sold or the agreement cancelled). If you have any questions about this, please contact me and we can work out alternative usage.


Travel Fees

Most of San Diego County is included in my standard route. Some homes are subject to a minimum $25 Out Of Area (OOA) fee: North of the 15/215 split — East of Ramona (San Diego Country Estates) — North of Oceanside — East of El Cajon (Crest). This fee is reasonable and is to account for driving time and distance. My home base is Escondido, CA. Travel outside of my standard boundaries is billed at $100/hour in 15 minute increments ($25 for 15 minutes, rounded up after 10 minutes). Time billed is based on Google Maps.